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Uchiko will match the expe­ri­ence of food,wine and service found at its sister restau­rant Uchi; in a new setting with a Japanese farm­house aesthetic, crafted mate­rials and warm finishes to round out the dining expe­ri­ence. Uchiko's menu is a brand new selec­tion of composed dishes and sushi, taken from ideas and dishes orig­i­nally created at Uchi. Uchiko is Uchi rede­fined.


Uchiko main­tains the following policy about the fish that we procure:

That we will use seafood prod­ucts that are sustain­able and respon­sibly fished when possible.

That we will work with our suppliers on sourcing fish prod­ucts that are trace­able and to obtain that infor­ma­tion when­ever possible.

Our goal at Uchiko is to main­tain the quality, creativity and fresh­ness of the food we serve while striving to main­tain a respon­sible policy towards sustain­ability, not just with our fish, but with the entire menu.